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A Valentine’s Day solution at your local Car Care Centre in Browns Plains

With Valentines Day fast approaching, why not make a booking at your local car care centre in Browns Plains? You could treat your loved one to a wonderful tune-up and service and you could even book one for your partner’s vehicle as well!

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your beloved that you care, so why not treat your vehicle this year? Your car is there for you day in and day out, never complaining and always sticking with you through the good and the bad. Isn’t it time to show your car how much you appreciate it’s loyalty?

At the Steve Sorensen car care centre in Browns Plains we will treat your car to a little tender loving care this Valentine’s Day – so what does our care package include?

  • Engine tuning: If you want your car to feel all loved-up, you can’t go wrong with an engine tune. A well-tuned engine is a wonder to behold and will keep your car on the road, humming softly to itself, all day long. Why not maximise your car’s performance by booking into your local car care centre in Browns Plains?
  • Wheel alignment: With all the potholes and dirt roads in the area, it’s easy for your car’s wheels to become misaligned, giving you a rough ride and causing undue wear and tear to your car’s suspension and steering. A well-timed wheel alignment is the gift that keeps on giving, day after day.
  • Car service: Valentine’s Day is the perfect reminder that your car needs its annual love package, so why not book into your local car care centre in Browns Plains today? Your car will love having its oil and other fluids changed, spark plugs checked and filters renewed. With new windscreen wipers and tyres have a good depth of tread and are correctly inflated, your car will feel a  million dollars when it drives away from our auto shop.

There’s no excuse not to treat your car to a special treat this Valentine’s Day and if you are stuck thinking of a gift for your partner – why not make a booking for their car as well?  

Call Steve Sorensen Mechanical on 07 3809 2711 or send us an email and book your Valentine’s Day love package at our car care centre in Browns Plains today!