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Hybrid and EV Inspection and Battery Health Checks

There is no denying that the high-voltage battery is an expensive component of any Hybrid or EV.

Much like we would mechanically check an engine in years gone by, it is important to inspect the high-voltage battery to determine its predicted life remaining.

Using diagnostic equipment, by evaluating each cell inside the high-voltage battery pack, we monitor:

  • State-Of-Charge (SOC)
  • State-Of-Health (SOH)
  • Individual Cell Temperatures
  • Loaded cell depletion rates

These measurements allow us to determine State-Of-Function (SOF) – a health check of the high-voltage battery pack.

This can be particularly important if looking to purchase a second-hand Hybrid or EV.  By carrying out a full inspection of the vehicle aswell as going the extra step of determining the high-voltage battery State-Of-Function, you can make an informed choice about the estimated remaining life of the high-voltage battery, to better determine the value of the vehicle as a whole.


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