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Hybrid and EV Diagnostics

Whether you have a warning light on the dash, or a driveability or range problem – using the latest dealer-level diagnostic equipment, and some evidence-based testing, we will be able to provide you the solution.

Efficient testing and repair of the advanced electronics in these vehicles requires a commitment to life-long learning to stay abreast, so our team of passionate technicians invest heavily in training, research and networking to deliver the best possible results for our customers.

By following our logic-based diagnostic protocol, we start with our tier-one testing period, which allows us to triage your fault, gathering as much information as we can from yourself about the issue, connecting to the vehicles communication network to gather fault codes and analyse available manufacturer level data from various vehicle modules, before moving into component-specific testing.  With our considerable equipment and knowledge, often we can report back to you with a final discovery at this point, however, given the nature of diagnostics, if further time or substantial disassembly is required to gather more evidence, we contact you to discuss the proposed test plan before going any further, until we are confident of the root cause.

Our policy towards diagnostics is – The right fix, the first time.  No guessnotics, no wasting money on unnecessary parts.

Sitting on the board of directors, and being founding members of various industry groups such as the EV and Hybrid Network, The Automotive Technician and The Diagnostic Network, means we have far-reaching access to industry experts, resources and information to ensure your vehicle is professionally diagnosed and repaired in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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