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Hybrid and EV Cooling Systems

The Thermal Management of a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle is a true masterpiece of engineering.

The temperature window of operation for the battery, motor, supporting electronics, and indeed your driver cabin comfort is a carefully metered operation and requires all components involved to be functioning correctly.

More critical than the traditional fossil-fuel engine cooling system, Hybrid and EV vehicles often have multiple thermal circuits operating at once, relying on coolant circuits, air-conditioning circuits (used for cabin comfort as well as cooling of various electrical components) and even batteries immersed in non-conductive liquid.

Regular inspection and maintenance of these cooling circuits is one of the most critical items on Hybrid and EV vehicles.

Using advanced equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, and dealer-level diagnostic equipment to data graph the plethora of temperature sensors on the vehicle, you can rest assured we can ensure the cool parts stay cool, and the warm parts stay warm.


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