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Automatic transmission servicing

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical our up to date training and direct contact with data and lubricant companies means we are able to service not only regular automatic transmissions, but also the latest automatic gearboxes such as Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT).

The race for amazing fuel economy figures means some radical changes in the world of transmissions – after all it is the second most important part in your drive-line, behind the engine.

Now more than ever the correct servicing, at the correct intervals, is a major factor in ensuring your gearbox lasts the lifetime of your car.

Further to this, when dealing with a regular automatic transmission we utilise a dedicated automatic gearbox fluid transfer machine, which works like a blood transfusion for your gearbox. This ensures that we replace 100% of the fluid – the most critical part in gearbox longevity – unlike the drain and refill procedure others use, which often only replaces 30-40% of the fluid. Be sure to ask which method is being used by your chosen repairer when pricing automatic transmission servicing at our Browns Plains Mechanic location.


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