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Mechanical Repairs

Hybrid and EV vehicles still have most of the traditional steering, suspension and cooling components – albeit with a modern twist.

Electric Steering Racks, 3-Phase Electric Water Pumps, Regenerative Braking Systems, Electrically Assisted Suspension Dampening – we could go on forever….

Despite the advancements, there are still many wear items on your Hybrid/EV vehicle, but rest assured we stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, so even if that knock you hear over bumps turns out to be a suspension item that communicates on the vehicle network and requires coding and programming to install – we’ve got you covered.

Our ‘Right Fix First Time’ policy means we understand best value is from long-lasting repairs using Original Equipment suppliers – our extensive supplier network means our preference is to fit Tier 1 replacement components, just like your vehicle came from the factory with, whether that be from the dealer, or directly from the dealer supplying manufacturer, often with a considerable price saving over dealer markups.


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