Timing belt replacement

Being a common maintenance item, we are able to complete timing belt kit replacements on a wide range of makes and models. We use only quality parts and manufacturer specific tools, to the highest professional level.

Whilst the current trend is for manufacturers to go back to timing chains to operate the engine’s valve train, many engines still rely on a timing belt for this operation, which requires regular replacement.

The timing belt is part of a system, and as such comprises only one part of that system. Far too often when left past the recommended replacement intervals we find it is not the timing belt that has failed but the timing belt idler bearings or tensioner.  Given that the failure of this system leaves you stranded and your engine often requiring a major rebuild, when replacing a timing belt we follow industry best practice in replacing the timing belt, idler bearings, tensioner and any applicable engine oil seals. This ensures your timing system can last the full replacement interval, trouble free.

Typically, timing belt scheduled replacement intervals range anywhere from 60,000km to 200,000km depending on your engine. Contact us any time if you would like any advice on whether your engine has a timing belt, when it is scheduled to be replaced and a quote for the replacement.

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    Thank you for your letter and business cards which I received yesterday. I was so impressed with your service, value for money and speed of turn around that I have already been telling all my friends about your business. I will pass on your business cards and details. Thank you so much for the work you did on my car last week, I appreciate it very much.


    I was looking for a thorough, professional mechanic in the local area and Steve told me of the attention to detail required there. I couldn’t be happier! The car is running better than ever and the repair of the other problems before they became major, demonstrates the attention to detail previously mentioned. Your after service response to my call was handled promptly and without hesitation. I just wanted to say a big thank you for your professionalism and friendly service. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone needing a great mechanic. Thank you again and see you soon with our other car (and continued servicing of both).

    Mick B

    Just a very quick thank you on the job you did with my car. The service was very professional, prompt and good value. Next time I need mechanical repairs I’m straight back to you. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

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    Just want to thank you all again for looking after me and my car. I really appreciate all you do for me more than words could say. I’m very blessed to have a good mechanic I can trust.