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Timing belt replacement

Being a common maintenance item, we are able to complete timing belt kit replacements on a wide range of makes and models. We use only quality parts and manufacturer specific tools, to the highest professional level.

Whilst the current trend is for manufacturers to go back to timing chains to operate the engine’s valve train, many engines still rely on a timing belt for this operation, which requires regular replacement.

The timing belt is part of a system, and as such comprises only one part of that system. Far too often when left past the recommended replacement intervals we find it is not the timing belt that has failed but the timing belt idler bearings or tensioner.  Given that the failure of this system leaves you stranded and your engine often requiring a major rebuild, when replacing a timing belt we follow industry best practice in replacing the timing belt, idler bearings, tensioner and any applicable engine oil seals. This ensures your timing system can last the full replacement interval, trouble free.

Typically, timing belt scheduled replacement intervals range anywhere from 60,000km to 200,000km depending on your engine. Contact us any time if you would like any advice on whether your engine has a timing belt, when it is scheduled to be replaced and a quote for the replacement.

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