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Premium quality car batteries

Drop in anytime and we can electronically test your vehicle’s battery, starting and charging system.

With more and more electronically controlled systems on your car, the battery does more work than it ever has in an automobile – so with such a tough task we believe nothing but the best will do.

We stock a large range of AC Delco batteries, best known as the original equipment battery fitted in all new Holden vehicles for over a decade.  All our AC Delco batteries are maintenance free, are backed by an industry leading 3 year warranty and include a built-in indicator that guides you on the condition of the electrolytic solution inside with an easy visual self-inspection.

While a battery replacement was something previously done by the backyard enthusiast, with so many vehicle systems relying on stable voltage from the vehicle’s battery, replacement can now require specialised equipment. When changing every battery we supply the car with a separate power supply to ensure you don’t lose everything from the radio security code or radio stations, through to complex learnt procedures the car’s AI has adapted through it’s years of use.

Modern cars, particularly Europeans, hybrids or cars with a stop/start feature, are smart enough to monitor the vehicle’s battery state and modify the charging strategy to suit it just right.  With these vehicles, it is imperative that when changing a battery the vehicle’s operating system is accessed to program in the new battery’s details.  Failure to do this can cause fault codes, warning lamps and almost without doubt a reduced battery lifespan.

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