BG Maintenance Products

With the added complexity of modern engines and their emissions systems, maintenance chemicals have become a vital necessity in keeping your vehicle efficient and reliable.

Years of hands on testing led us to one clear leader in this area – Trade only, American made BG Products.

Not available in stores to the public, this trade based range of chemicals and procedures is the real deal – we wouldn’t accept anything less.

Why are these products so important now more than ever?

With modern petrol engines using direct injection technology, and modern diesels utilising common rail injection technology, they both have one common enemy – Carbon buildup!

BG Petrol Induction Clean

With older port style petrol fuel injection, a mist of fuel would wash over the intake valve on every injection, doing its best to keep carbon buildup down.  With direct injection, the fuel injector is now inside the combustion chamber, leaving the intake valves particularly susceptible to carbon buildup.  This presents a huge problem which has seen most manufacturers adopt an intake carbon cleaning process identical to the BG Petrol Induction Clean we offer.  Conducting this process at regular intervals means we don’t give the carbon a chance to build up, so you never have to experience the host of drive ability problems associated, such as poor fuel economy, rough idle, misfires and eventually a no start situation.

BG Diesel Induction Clean

We are on the forefront of diesel maintenance, being among only a handful of Australian workshops able to offer the BG Diesel Induction Clean.  It is no secret among modern common rail diesel owners that carbon buildup is the enemy to power and efficiency.  Due to a gunky cocktail of regular engine blow-by oil and extremely high Exhaust Gas Re-circulation strategies to meet emissions targets, the poor diesel air intake system quickly becomes restricted by heavy carbon deposits.  Left unattended, the carbon starts a rapid snowball effect – Carbon deposits cause a lack of air, resulting in poor combustion meaning sootier exhaust.  This soot filled exhaust is run back through the intake as intended, and the new carbon deposits find it much easier to stick to the deposits already there.

By the 100,000km mark, due to this carbon buildup, your diesel will be lower on power and less efficient, simply because it cannot consume the air it needs to burn the diesel properly.  The BG Diesel Induction Cleaning process offers a revolutionary new way of cleaning not only the intake manifold, but also the EGR valve, intake manifold swirl valves, intake valves, cylinder head ports, piston tops, injector nozzles and turbo exhaust side variable nozzle vanes – all without the intense labour of removing the intake manifold, a job that on some vehicles can even require engine removal from the car.

Interested in the process?  Take a look at this brilliant video below of Frank Massey, the UK’s top diagnostic trainer, trialing the BG Diesel Induction Clean and providing before and after dyno results.

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