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Brake and Clutch Repairs

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical we have been performing Browns Plains Brake and Clutch Repairs for decades.

What sets our Brake Repairs apart?

We know that brakes are the most important system on your vehicle, so every Brake Repair is undertaken to the highest professional standards.

The key to a perfect Brake Repair is the little details.  A few of the extra steps we take:

  • All moving areas of the brake caliper are cleaned and lubricated with high melting point synthetic lubricant.
  • Hubs are cleaned of all debris and measured for runout
  • Where there is enough material to reuse your brake discs or drums, we have a brake lathe onsite to carry out brake machining personally, to our high standards

By taking a little extra care, we ensure that your Browns Plains Brake Repair results in reliable, silent braking – for the life of the brake job.

Clutch Repairs

With heavy-duty lifting equipment and bracing, we have what it takes to carry out any Browns Plains Clutch Repair.

We can repair anything in the clutch system from full clutch kits, hydraulic master cylinders and slave cylinders, right through to later model Dual Mass Flywheel repairs.

Carrying a heavy load or have some extra power?  Ask us about our heavy duty clutch repair options.

Having a professional carry out your Clutch Repairs means your new clutch will provide smooth, stable engagement for its entire life.

If you need a Browns Plains Brake Repair or Browns Plains Clutch Repair, contact us today for a no-obligation quote.