cruze oil cooler

Holden Cruze Oil in Coolant

Due to the high number of Holden Cruze vehicles that we see through the shop, we get to know some of the pattern failures and the most economical way for you to repair them.

The Holden Cruze F18 engine has a common failure point of the seals in the oil cooler failing and allowing oil to mix into the cooling system.

You can view a video we have done on the failure and repair here:

We keep a keen eye for any oil in the cooling system during servicing to ensure it can be repaired before any further damage occurs – or even better, we recommend replacing these oil cooler seals periodically to completely avoid the need for any other oil damaged cooling system parts.

As the extent of the work required depends greatly on how much oil is in the system and how long it has been left to deteriorate any rubber components, you are best to contact us to walk through a price estimate of your specific situation.

So if you are looking for a mechanic who knows your Holden Cruze front to back and can take care of the oil in coolant problem before it even arises, contact us today on 3809 2711.