How Frequently Do I Need a Nissan Car Service?

If you are wondering how often you should have a Nissan car service, then this depends on many factors, the first of which is whether you have a new or second hand car. With a new car you must adhere to the recommended service intervals in your log book or else your warranty will be voided.

With a second hand car, it is best to chat to the guys at your Nissan Service Centre and ask them about a servicing schedule. If you still want more information on the frequency of servicing for your car, then here are a few general guidelines that should help:

Nissan servicing can depend on the number of kilometres you drive

Did you know that the fewer kilometres you drive, the less services you need? For example, if your total kms are sitting around 60,000, your logbook might say that your next service is due at 75,000kms or at 6 months.  If you drive 5,000kms each year, then if you go by the kms – you won’t have another service for 3 years!

So for people who don’t do much driving each year, it is sensible to go by the time frames, rather than the kms driven. On the other hand for people who drive a lot each year, you need to book a Nissan servicing appointment when you reach the stated kms, not the time intervals.

Low kilometre driving

People that don’t do a lot of kilometres each year tend to drive for short distances, so the engine never really has the chance to burn off all the by-products of combustion, which can clog your oil. This reduces your car’s efficiency, increases your running costs and in the long term, your repair bills. So you need a Nissan car service based on the time interval.

High kilometre driving

Driving lots of kms means that your car simply needs more servicing to keep it in tip top shape and running smoothly, so this means that you need to book in for a Nissan car service based on the kilometres driven, not the time interval.

Hopefully, you now understand how to schedule your services, so you can book into your Nissan service centre at the right times, based on your driving habits.