How Much Does a Ford Service in Brown Plains Cost?

The cost of a Ford service in Browns Plains depends on the type of vehicle and where you have the service performed. Many vehicle owners still believe that they need to return to their dealer for all of their Ford services in Browns Plains, however this is only true if you have an extended warranty and you are in that warranty period.

For new Ford vehicles, you can easily go to your local mechanic for all of your services during your new car warranty period, so long as the mechanic is qualified and that high quality replacement parts are used. If you are concerned about the costs of your Ford service in Browns Plains, then it is generally much cheaper to book into a local mechanic than a dealership, because one of the ways dealerships make their money is with their services.

There are other ways you can keep your service costs down as well, and here are a number of them to keep in mind:

Ask for a written quote: Always ask for a written quote when you are having any work done, even just for a service. The last thing you want is to have an unexpected bill, which you can’t afford to pay.

Make them ask you before performing repairs: Before your service, you can either tell them to call you if any repairs need to be performed and give you a written quote for these repairs or give them a dollar limit, before they need to call you.

Have regular services: Too many people just forget about maintaining their vehicles on a regular basis, leading to costly repair bills. You can’t really blame the mechanic for finding so much wrong with your vehicle during your Ford service in Browns Plains, when regular services would have picked up these problems much earlier.

Ask around: Ask your friends, relatives and co-workers where they go for a good Ford service in Browns Plains and then check them out yourself. This is one of the best ways to find a good mechanic in your local area, because you can trust the opinions of people you respect and like.

When you are looking for an affordable Ford service in Browns Plains, call us at Steve Sorensen Mechanical and you look forward to a well maintained car and lower repair bills as well.