Logbook servicing, vehicle repairs and maintenance

Cars have advanced to a point where they can adapt to mask several driveability issues, so a small problem may go unnoticed until it gets worse and can ultimately effect other systems. The best way to avoid large repairs and the need for Car Diagnostics when something goes wrong is to stick to a routine schedule of Logbook Servicing. Performing these Vehicle Maintenance Services, following the Manufacters Logbook Car Service recommendations, means you give your car the best chance to avoid any serious Auto Repairs.

If you do start to notice something playing up, or maybe a warning light on the dash, it is important to come to a Professional Auto Diagnostic Workshop like Steve Sorensen Mechanical. Our expert use of manufacturer software based Scan Tools and oscilloscopes, coupled with years of experience means that we can diagnose your problem fast and correctly, avoiding the replacement of any unnecessary parts that might be common practice at shop who doesn’t value taking the time to diagnose a problem correctly. We are experts in Logbook Car Service, Petrol Fuel Injection Diagnostics, Petrol Direct Injection Diagnostics, Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel Diagnostics, Check Engine Light Diagnostics, SRS Airbag System Diagnostics, ABS Diagnostics and Auto Electrical Diagnostics.