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Signs that your vehicle needs brake & clutch repairs

None of us want to be faced with a raft of car problems, particularly when it means that we need brake & clutch repairs. Whilst these are not always very expensive to fix, they can be inconvenient, but the longer they are left, the greater the damage and the more costly the repairs.

So it pays to catch any problems with your brakes or clutch as soon as possible, before the damage increases and ends up costing you far more than you anticipated. Here are a few common indicators that you will need brake & clutch repairs sooner rather than later.

Signs of a bad clutch

Clutch problems can start out simply as poor performance, but can rapidly degenerate into problems getting into gear, vibrations or stiffness when the clutch is depressed, or even grinding sounds when in neutral or when trying to get into gear. If your car starts slowly but the engine seems to be racing, this is called clutch slippage and occurs usually when the disc is worn, but can also be due to a broken motor mount and a number of other issues.

If you have any of these problems, you will need to bring your car in for brake & clutch repairs and we will identify and fix the problem for you.

Signs of worn or damaged brakes

If you brake light switches on, then it’s likely that you need brake & clutch repairs, but you will need to bring it in for us to identify the exact cause of the problem. Some signs that you might also notice is that your car veers to the side or vibrates when you brake, or you might hear a screeching or grinding noise. The most likely problem is going to be your brake pads or your rotors, both of which we can fix at our Browns Plains workshop.     

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical, we can identify and repair brakes, as well as manual and automatic clutches, so if you need brake & clutch repairs, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07 3809 2711 or send us an email.