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The 7 most common problems we see in our car repair workshop

We fix plenty of problems at our car repair shop in Browns Plains, and some we see more often than others. So if you are interested in how we spend our time at the Steve Sorensen Car Repair Shop – here are 7 of our most frequently seen problems.

  1. Engine air leaks: With so many sensors on the engine monitoring air flow, pressure and temperature, any air leaks in the intake system can send things haywire – often resulting in computer fault codes indicating problems with particular sensors – with all the experience in our car repair shop we know to go for the smoke machine to test for leaks before testing sensors for faults.
  2. Spark plugs: Another common problem we see often during a car repair service, spark plugs in the modern vehicle use exotic metals like platinum and iridium, meaning they can last over 100,000km in some models. Unfortunately this means they can go forgotten if not replaced at specified intervals, causing poor fuel economy, rough running and misfiring.
  3. Ignition coils: Along with your spark plugs, these help to keep your engine firing on all cylinders. Ignition coils take the 12 volts supplied by your cars battery, and boost it to up to 40,000 volts to create an electrical spark at the spark plug. With such a hard life these are a common cause of misfiring. We test and replace many ignition coils a week in our car repair workshop.
  4. Exhaust recirculation valves: These are involved in reducing your emissions and redirecting some of your exhaust fumes back into the engine to lower the combustion temperature, reducing the output of nitrogen oxide – a gas that is terrible for the environment. These valves are a ‘necessary evil’ to be able to burn petrol and diesel , whilst still passing emissions testing. Unfortunately, running sooty exhaust gas through the intake means in our car repair shop we are regularly replacing these valves, or repairing the blockages they cause in the intake
  5. Add-ons: The main problem here is with non-professionals installing additions to their cars, such as alarm systems, radios and wireless devices. These can divert power from other areas and cause a wide range of problems.

If you have any of the problems above, why not call us at our car repair shop and ask for a quote?