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What are the benefits of logbook servicing?

When your new car is still in its warranty period, you need to keep up with its logbook servicing schedule or else you can void your warranty. This is important if something goes wrong with your car and you take it back to the dealer for repairs during the warranty period. They will check your car service log book and if you have missed any services, they might refuse to pay for the repairs.

Luckily, you can take your car to any auto shop for the logbook car services, as long as they are qualified mechanics and adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications. So what are the benefits of taking your car to your local mechanic, rather than to the dealership for your car’s logbook servicing?

More affordable logbook servicing

Without a doubt, anyone who has taken their new car back to the dealer for their logbook car service has found that the costs are astronomical. No-one knows why the costs of a logbook service should be so much higher at a dealership, but its one of those immutable facts of life.

When every dollar counts, its important to have your logbook servicing performed for a reasonable price, which is why your local auto shop makes sense. Their prices will be very competitive, as they need to keep their repeat customers happy, so you will always save money on your logbook car services if you shop locally.

Friendly customer service

Your local auto shop is usually a small operation (often a family run business) where everyone is friendly and takes the time to explain everything to you in words you can understand. Customer service is high on their list of priorities, so they go out of their way to ensure that your experience is positive and that you are happy with your logbook servicing and any subsequent repairs.

As an independent auto shop, the owner usually has many years’ experience servicing and repairing a huge range of vehicles, and their diagnostic skills can be second to none. Often, you find the most experienced mechanics are the ones that set themselves up in business and these are the mechanics you want working on your car.

So why not grab your car service log book and make sure that you haven’t missed any of your scheduled services for your new car? Even better – book into Steve Sorensen Mechanical in Browns Plains and you will be guaranteed a first-class logbook car service.