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What’s Involved in a Car Transmission Service?

A car transmission service is an important part of maintaining your vehicle and should be performed every year if possible. This is because the normal wear and tear on your transmission creates millions of tiny abrasive metal particles that fall into your transmission oil and can cause your transmission to fail, if your oil isn’t changed very often.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, a car transmission service is still an important part of keeping your car healthy and safe on the road. This type of service won’t take very long and includes the following:

  • Draining out the old transmission fluid, and removing and cleaning the pan.
  • A thorough inspection of the drained oil for any indications that there are hidden problems in your transmission.
  • Removal and replacement of the transmission filter.
  • The pan is replaced and a new gasket fitted.
  • Your transmission is filled with new, clean oil and tested for leaks.
  • We road test your car to make sure that it is operational, after your car transmission service in Browns Plains has been completed.

As you can see, this is a very simple and quick service, but it is one that is often forgotten or ignored by many car owners. If we find during the service that there are a lot of fine metal filings in the oil or that the fluid looks to be contaminated, then we will recommend a transmission flush, as well as a service.

This flush helps to remove any trapped contaminants or metal filings that were not flushed out when the oil was initially drained during the car transmission service. A flush is not always necessary, but it is more likely to be needed if you haven’t had a transmission service for a few years. This is because the new, clean oil is likely to loosen this trapped debris, which then washes around your transmission and often results in huge and costly repair bills.

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical, we offer a fast and efficient Transmission Service in Browns Plains to our clients and we guarantee all of our work. So call us on 3809 2711 and book your car transmission service today.