Why is Steve Sorensen Mechanical Top Toyota Car Service Centre in Browns Plains?

When you are looking for a Toyota car service centre, you can’t go past Steve Sorensen Mechanical for a top Toyota service in Browns Plains. Steve Sorensen has been in the mechanical business for years and together with his team of 4 qualified mechanics, they share a vast amount of knowledge on all makes and models, especially Toyotas.  One of our mechanic’s actually spent a large amount of his career in a multiple Toyota dealerships around Australia.

So let’s break this down and take a closer look at why Steve Sorensen Mechanical is such a great Toyota car service centre.

Loads of experience

The owner, Steve Sorensen has been in the business for decades and really understands cars.  In our workshop we have all of the latest diagnostic equipment, our workshop is clean and tidy and there is lots of parking available. So if you want a Toyota service in Browns Plains from someone who is experienced, honest and hardworking, then you need to book in with Steve Sorensen Mechanical.

Very friendly and open with customers

Everyone who works here is really friendly and happy to see you. They make you feel welcome as soon as they meet you, they are happy to explain everything to you and they listen to you as well. So many mechanics just prattle off on their own, not really listening to their clients, so it is good to know that the mechanics in this Toyota car service centre pay attention to what you want and answer all of your questions in full.

Lots of testimonials on their website

Just about every mechanical shop should have a website and if they are any good, they will also have lots of customer testimonials on their website. This is one of the best ways for a business to advertise themselves as it really gives new potential customers a lot of confidence in their work. People who give testimonials are usually very honest, sometimes brutally honest, so having access to this type of affirmation is like gold when you are looking for a reliable mechanic.

So if you are in the market for a Toyota service in Browns Plains, give the guys at Steve Sorensen Mechanical a call and you will be back on the road in no time.