4 Tips To Prevent Being Taken for a Ride By an Automobile Mechanic

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical, we know that many of our customers have previously been overcharged or have paid for repairs by unscrupulous automobile mechanics that were later found to be unnecessary. These situations are unfortunate and give all mechanics a bad name, so it is essential that you find yourself an honest and reliable automobile mechanic as soon as possible.

To this end, here are 4 tips to help you find a good automobile mechanic in your area.

1. Ask around for recommendations: When someone you trust recommends an Auto Mechanic Service, you are usually safe. So ask around your network of friends, work colleagues and relatives and try to find a reliable mechanic using this strategy first, then check their websites online. Make sure that their website looks professional with lots of pertinent information, as this shows that the mechanic cares about his customers.

2. Ask about their warranty: Before you book your car in for a service or repairs, make sure to ask about the warranty they offer for their work and parts. Normally these warranties last for one year, but if the mechanic is vague about their warranties or only provides a very short warranty, you have a clear signal to look elsewhere.

3. Ask to see any replaced parts: One easy way for automobile mechanics to make money is to say that a part needs replacing, charge for the part and labour, and then not replace the part. To avoid this happening to you, ask to actually view the part that needs to be replaced on the car (if this is possible), even take a photo of it with your phone and then ask to see the part when it has been replaced. If you can recognise the part that was originally on your car, then you know that it has been replaced (and is not a part from another car).

4. Keep your receipts: Always keep all of your service and repair receipts safe. These are vital in case you need to return to the Auto Mechanic Service and query a bill or a repair and are also a good history when you decide to sell the car.

If you are searching for a reliable, honest and experienced Auto Mechanic Service in the Logan area, check out Steve Sorensen Mechanical for a great deal.