We Reduce Auto Electrical Repair Costs by Using the Latest Diagnostic Tools

Auto electrical repair costs can be quite expensive and one of the reasons for this is the length of time it can take to actually diagnose the fault, particularly if it is a tricky problem.

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical, we have many years in the trade and have built a solid reputation for being able to diagnose electrical problems that other mechanics have failed to locate. Even so, we know that an auto electrical repair bill can be costly for our customers, so one of the ways we reduce your costs is to access the high tech, computer on-board diagnostics (OBD) system.

Most modern vehicles have an OBD, but it still takes a lot of skill to understand this system and to actually diagnose the problem, before your mechanic can move on to finding a solution. The main purpose of an OBD is to monitor your vehicle’s emissions and to record information that helps in diagnosing any problems that might require an auto electrical repair.

3 Ways Your OBD Can Help Reduce Your Auto Service Repair Bill

1. Early detection of problems: If there is a problem in your vehicle’s electrical circuits, the OBD will pick this up very quickly. This means that you won’t be driving around unaware of a problem that can end up causing serious damage and costing you a lot of money if ignored.

2. Data on the cause of the fault: When a fault is detected, the mechanic can access data that reveals the conditions in your vehicle that led up to the fault occurring. This means that the fault can be found quicker in a car with an OBD, reducing your overall auto electrical repair costs.

3. Real time sensor readings: Your mechanic can access real time readings, such as torque, speed and RPM helping to optimise your vehicle’s efficiency and saving you money on fuel, as well as increasing the performance of your vehicle.

With a comprehensive scan of your vehicle’s electrical systems, your auto electrical repair bills will be kept to a minimum, leaving you more money to enjoy driving, rather than fixing your car.