Do I need to go to my car dealership for my logbook car service?

When you buy a new car or one that is still within its warranty period, you need to make sure that you keep up to date with all of the logbook car services. This is because if you miss a logbook car service and anything goes wrong with your car requiring you to make a claim against the dealership, they may well refuse to fix your car, because you missed one of the services.

This means that you need to decide whether or not to take your car back to the dealership for a logbook car service or find an auto shop closer to home, who also might be cheaper. Some people think that they have to return to the dealership for all of their services when the car is still under warranty. This is not true, as by law you can take your car to any auto shop for your logbook car service, so long as they adhere to two important provisions.

The mechanic must be qualified to do the logbook car service

When you book your car in for a logbook service, the person who works on your car must be a qualified mechanic or an apprentice, who is supervised by a qualified mechanic. This is to prevent someone servicing your car who doesn’t know what they are doing or even if they do know how to service your car, they could make a mistake or miss something important.

The mechanic must use equivalent parts

You also need to make sure that the qualified mechanic uses equivalent parts, if any need to be replaced on the car during the logbook car service. This is because the manufacturer and dealership have issued a warranty, based on the fact that parts of a specific quality are used in the car. If low quality parts are used, then problems can arise that might cause you to make a claim, which will be refused because the problem was due to the low quality parts.

It always pays to keep up with your logbook car services, but it also pays to check out your local auto shop, because they are local and they might well be cheaper than the dealership.