Why Does The Engine Oil Need to be Replaced in Your Car?

It will come as no surprise to your automobile mechanic, that most of us don’t give any more thought to our engine oil, than the mandatory dip stick checks and top ups we do every now and again. When we book into our local auto service centre we just accept that our engine oil and filter will be replaced and unless we see the tell-tale signs of leaking oil on our driveways, that is the end of our thoughts on engine oils and filters.

However, when you think about it – why do we really need our engine oil changed and how often should we do this? So here are 3 reasons why you should regularly book your vehicle in with your local automobile mechanic for a service that includes changing your engine oil and filters.

1. Reduced viscosity over time: Oil is a lubricant, which protects the internal workings of your engine from wearing against each other. Over time, oil loses this viscosity, particularly in the high temperatures of combustion engines and if not replaced with new oil, your engine will eventually cease up and stop working.

2. Additives become depleted: Engine oil contains additives that increase the efficiency of your engine, which if not replaced lose their effectiveness and your engine’s performance decreases.

3.Saturated with contaminants: Many of the by-products of combustion will end up suspended in the engine’s oil, which is one reason why your nice new clear oil turns black over time. As the oil becomes saturated with these contaminants, its efficiency reduces and the performance of your vehicle suffers.

If you don’t book into your local auto service centre regularly and you don’t change your oil for years, eventually your engine will start to cost you more and more in fuel and repairs. Engines run well on clean oil and poorly on dirty, old contaminated oil.

So it simply makes sense to have regular services by your automobile mechanic and keep your car in tip top shape. The regularity of these services is different, depending on the make and age of your vehicle, so always check in with your local auto service centre and set up a realistic schedule for your services.