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From brake and clutch repairs to A/C and turbo issues – what are the most problematic cars?

Brake repairs and clutch repairs can be quite expensive, so wouldn’t it be great if you could predict whether your car may suffer from this type of problem in the future? Well, we might not have a crystal ball, but it’s fair to say that some cars suffer from particular problems more than other cars.

If you are buying a second hand car or your car is about to run out of its warranty, it might be best to have it checked over, particularly if it’s on the list below. So let’s take a look at some of the more common car problems and the cars that tend to have these issues, more than others.

  • Gearbox, brake repairs and clutch repairs: The most common problems are with gearboxes and the Volkswagen Golf and BMW 3 Series tend to come out on top for the most issues with their gearboxes. For brake repairs and clutch repairs on the other hand, the Volkswagen Passat, Land Rover Discovery and BMW 3 Series come out tops for problems with brakes, and the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf for clutch problems. As you can see, the Volkswagen Golf and the BMW 3 Series tick two of these boxes and a few others below as well, so it’s buyer beware!
  • Electrical problems: The second biggest problems are concerned with the electrics of vehicles, an issue that might increase rapidly as cars become more high-tech and reliant on computers. The main culprits for electrical problems are the BMW 3 Series and Audi A3.
  • Turbo issues: If you have a turbocharged car, then this is one of the last problems you want, so you need to be careful with the Ford Focus and BMW 3 Series.
  • Alternator problems: There’s not many car owners who haven’t had to replace an alternator, but owners of the Land Rover Discovery or the Ford Focus might be more familiar with this issue than most.
  • A/C issues: Most of us couldn’t function properly without A/C in our car, but problems with A/C condensers happen more frequently with the Volkswagen Golf and the Audi A4, than most other vehicles.

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