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Looking for car inspections and roadworthy certificates in Browns Plains?

If you own a car and are moving to Browns Plains (or anywhere in Queensland) from interstate, then your car needs a roadworthy certificate. Even if you have an equivalent certificate issued somewhere else in Australia, it doesn’t matter – you still need to book you car into an auto shop that is an approved inspection station and can issue these certificates.

Steve Sorensen Mechanical is an approved Vehicle Inspection station for roadworthy certificates in Browns Plains, you just need to make a booking with us and leave your car for a few hours. You will also need a roadworthy if you sell your car privately.

What’s involved in roadworthy certificates?

Once you have made a booking and dropped your car off with us at our Browns Plains auto shop, we will issue a roadworthy certificate if it passes the Queensland Government’s minimum safety standards checklist. If your vehicle fails this inspection, we will document the problems that need to be fixed on the form and make these repairs for you (with your permission), then issue the completed certificate to you.

If you prefer to have your vehicle repaired elsewhere, then that’s fine, but you won’t be issued a certificate until the repairs have been fixed. If you are moving from interstate, you must register your vehicle within 14 days in Queensland and to do that – you need a roadworthy certificate issued in Queensland (you can also apply for a partial refund of your inter-state registration). You will also need to take your car registration plates with you to a Transport and Motoring Customer Service Centre, along with your roadworthy certificate when you reregister your car in Queensland.

If you are caught by the police driving an unregistered vehicle, you will be fined. So it’s not something you can ignore (you will also need to get a Queensland driving licence).

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical in Browns Plains, we perform vehicle inspection and issue roadworthy certificates for anyone who is in this 14 day window, so just let us know when you make your booking. Call us on 07 3809 2711 or send us an email today.