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What’s the difference between 4WD and AWD?

As an automobile mechanic shop in Browns Plains, we frequently service and repair both 4WD and AWD vehicles, but do you know the difference between these two types of vehicles? Many people think that these terms are interchangeable and simply describe the same type of vehicle, but they would be wrong.

What is a 4WD?

A 4WD (four wheel drive) vehicle is designed for off-road driving, because it can engage all four wheels to provide the extra traction needed to safely navigate difficult terrain. Corrugated dirt roads, gullies, low rivers, sand dunes and beaches can all be overcome with a good 4WD vehicle. Add in tyres designed for rough terrain, a bull-bar, lifters and all the necessary odds and ends so loved by 4WD enthusiasts and you have the makings of an awesome trip out bush.

These vehicles don’t operate in 4WD all the time, you have to select this option, but when you do the power is divided between the front and rear axles. However, this can cause your wheels to spin, so to avoid this problem the power isn’t evenly spread between the inside and outside wheels resulting in a maximum turning ability without spinning your wheels. Why not bring your 4WD into our automobile mechanic shop for its next service or repairs?

What is an AWD?

An AWD (all wheel drive) vehicle has a slip differential that lets it drive all four wheels at the same time with a rotational difference between the front and rear axles. So it’s similar to a 4WD, but it’s engaged all the time and is great for driving in wet slippery conditions where extra traction is necessary. It achieves this additional torque because AWDs are usually computer driven with sensors on each wheel that monitor both traction and speed, identifying which wheel needs more torque.

If you are intending to go off-road then you really need a 4WD, as it’s tougher than an AWD and can handle the rough terrain easily. If you don’t want to go off-road then an AWD will give you maximum traction all the time and since it’s engaged all the time, the AWD is also more fuel efficient than a 4WD.

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