Where Can I Find a Top Browns Plains Auto Shop?

Without a doubt, the best Browns Plains auto shop is Steve Sorensen Mechanical. The owner, Steve Sorensen, has more than 30 years’ experience as an A grade mechanic and has run his own business for more than 20 years.

As a mechanic in Browns Plains, Steve is extremely proud of his work and of the workmanship of his employees. Their customer service is first class and their awesome reputation is supported by the many testimonials on their website.  

Any mechanic who is too afraid to include honest testimonials on their website is someone you should stay away from, so making a point of looking for these testimonials and reading them is a very effective way to find an honest and trustworthy auto shop.

What services does Steve Sorensen Mechanical offer?

If you are looking for a car service in Browns Plains, then you can do no better than to head directly to Steve Sorensen Mechanical. They offer minor and major services, as well as transmission services and logbook services and they only use the best parts – either genuine parts or those that are considered to be equivalent.

At their Browns Plains auto shop, the guys at Steve Sorensen Mechanical are also very experienced in repairs to just about every make of car on the market. So if you drive a Toyota, Ford, Nissan or any other type car, don’t hesitate to drop into their Browns Plains car service centre and have a chat to them about your vehicle.  

They are experienced in repairing brakes, clutches, radiators, steering and suspensions and have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment available in their Browns Plains auto shop.  

These guys also perform road safety inspections and issue road safety certificates, which are needed if you are selling or registering a car. Don’t forget the pre-purchase inspections, which are vital if you are ready to buy a second hand car, potentially saving you from buying a lemon and costing you a lot of money!

So if you are in the market for a Browns Plains mechanic, one who is experienced, honest and reliable – you can do no better than calling Steve Sorensen Mechanical and booking your car in today.