Do Spark Plugs Need to be Replaced Every Time I Book Into an Auto Mechanic Shop?

Whether or not your spark plugs are checked and replaced by the mechanic, depends on the auto mechanical services you require and the reason for booking your car into the auto mechanic shop. So when you book your vehicle into an auto mechanic shop, if you have noticed a drop in performance, it is worthwhile having them checked.

This is because your spark plugs actually help to start your engine and without this spark your engine won’t start. So one of the reasons why your car might not start in the morning, could be that the spark plugs need to be replaced.  

So next time you book your vehicle in for any auto mechanical services, ask them how often your spark plugs should be checked, as this depends on your car and its age, and the distances you drive, as well as the type of spark plugs that are fitted in your vehicle.

Higher quality spark plugs will take more of a beating and last a lot longer than a cheaper quality spark plug. All spark plugs will eventually wear out and need to be replaced, but the stronger and more durable the spark plugs, the longer they will last. So when you have your spark plugs replaced at the auto mechanic shop, always ask for a higher quality product, as it will pay off in the end.


So next time you book into your local auto mechanic shop, here are 2 important benefits of asking them to replace your spark plugs:

Increased performance: The spark plugs initiate the combustion process in your car, because they ignite the air and fuel mixture within the cylinders, but this is a continual process. So if your spark plugs are not firing properly, your overall performance will be down and you might even see a lot of misfiring as you accelerate.

Increased fuel economy: Spark plugs that misfire all the time reduce the efficiency of your engine and cause your car to use more fuel. You can actually reduce your fuel efficiency by up to 30% if you don’t replace your old spark plugs.

Keeping up to date with your auto mechanical services is important, but if your car is having problems with cold starts or is misfiring, make sure you have your spark plugs inspected.