Why is a Logbook Car Service Important?

If your car is under warranty, then you need to maintain your logbook servicing and keep a record of these in your logbook. There are a number of very good reasons why a logbook car service is necessary for new cars and all of them relate to saving you some serious money during the time you own the vehicle.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways logbook servicing can put more money in your pocket.

You want to make a claim against the warranty

If something happens, whether it is your fault or not and you want to claim the repairs under your warranty, then if you cannot prove that you have had the appropriate services, then the dealer can refuse to pay for the repairs and void your warranty.  During the couple years of new car ownership, the most important aspect of vehicle servicing is replacing the engines oil and filter, particularly because a new engine will experience its most prominent wear in its early life, due to microscopic machining ‘burrs’ being worn away as the engine goes about its job, rotating at several thousand times per minute. Maintaining your servicing schedule, which can legally be done at a competant independant mechanic such as Steve Sorensen Mechanical, ensures you will not fall victim to the most common dealership knockback for items such as engine oil leaks, which happen far more often in new engines than you would think, simply because you had not taken the car for its regularly servicing to maintain warranty.

Contrary to what some believe, I strongly recommend taking your car to a local independent mechanic for servicing during the warranty period, which when carried out in a professional manner as we do, will maintain your new car warranty. The reasoning for this is , on countless occassions I have had customers have the first couple of services at the dealership, coming to us for their next service, whilst still under warranty, only for us to find several problems which have obviously been there when the dealer saw it, but the dealer didn’t mention so they did not have to fix it under warranty. These problems are fixed under warranty, so offer us no financial gain, but we truly have the best interest of the car owner in mind, since under warranty the problem is not the car owners , or ours, it is the dealers responsibility to uphold their warranty

So you not only need your logbook servicing performed at the intervals outlined in your logbook, but they must also be performed by a qualified mechanic. On top of this, any parts that are replaced during the service need to be either genuine parts or of an equal quality.

Why else, even out of warranty, is car servicing key to the reliability of the car and will save you money in the long run?

You want to achieve the best price when you re-sell your car

When you sell your vehicle, you will get the best price if your car has been well maintained. The best way to prove this to a potential buyer is to show them your logbook.

This is because every time you have a logbook car service, your logbook is completed and stamped by the mechanic and this proves to the buyer that you have maintained your car.

You want to cut down repair costs on your car

As with all vehicles, whether they are under warranty or not – regular services will extend the life of your car and cut down on repairs in the future. Out of the hundred of repair scenarios on a car I assure you that maintenance, is much cheaper than repair if a component eventually fails, often so in a catastrophic way on technologically sophisticated modern cars. So logbook servicing keeps your car in tiptop shape, because it actually forces you to have your car serviced by a qualified mechanic at specific intervals.

So if you make sure that you have each and every logbook car service performed on time, you will save yourself some serious money in the future.