Capped Price Servicing – What does it mean?

There are 3 major marketing variants used by the major manufacturers:

CAPPED PRICE SERVICING – Offered by all the mainstream manufacturers, this is simply a quoted service price, exactly the same as we do for you. So every service costs a different amount depending what work is scheduled, but you are given the price up front. We do this but without the marketing buzzwords, so call us and we are confident we can offer a better price than the dealer for your logbook servicing.

PRE-PAID OR LIFETIME FIXED PRICE SERVICING – A set service price of let’s say $260 per service is offered by the dealer for the ‘life’ of the vehicle. These offers will either essentially overcharge you for the smaller services to make up for the large service due at let’s say 100,000km where several more expensive items are due for replacement or deem the ‘life’ of the vehicle over before any major service items are scheduled (ie. around 100,000km).

FREE SERVICING – Servicing costs are built into the price of purchasing the car, similar to a $1000 cashback promotion etc. Almost always these free services will only apply for 1 to 3 years where hardly any items are actually replaced on the vehicle except the oil and oil filter, so the servicing costs would be quite low.