Where can You Book an Auto Pre Purchase Inspection in Logan?

If you are looking for an auto pre purchase inspection in Logan, then you can’t do any better than calling us at Steve Sorensen Mechanical. We have more than 30 years’ experience as top class mechanics and we can inspect any type of vehicle before you lay down your hard earned cash.

Why do you need an auto pre purchase inspection?

Well, the last thing you want to happen is to find the perfect car at the perfect price, but find out pretty quickly that it is a lemon. When you buy a car privately, there is not much to save you if you find out later that it has lots of problems, which will cost you a bucketful of money to fix.

This is why an auto pre purchase inspection by a qualified and highly experienced mechanic is the best strategy, because we can spot a lemon a mile away. This could potentially save you a lot of money and will take away all the worry from purchasing your second hand car.

What do we look for in an auto pre purchase inspection?

We look for anything that is a problem today and could be a problem not far down the road. So we test drive the car to see make sure there are no steering and suspension problems. We also look for issues with the brakes, the transmission and with the indicators and lights as well.

We also make sure that the oil is clean and there is no moisture mixed in with the oil, that the radiator isn’t leaking and that everything appears to be in good order.  These are just some of the issues on our checklist, so that at the end you will have a clear picture of whether or not the vehicle is really worth the money.

Some people think that a Safety Certificate, which is mandatory when you sell a second hand vehicle, is similar to a pre purchase inspection. However this is not so, because it only checks some of the safety features and there can be a lot more wrong with the car than is picked up with a Safety inspection.

Call Steve Sorensen Mechanical on 3809 2711 for your next auto pre purchase inspection in Logan.

How do you Spot a Reliable Mazda Car Service Centre?

Mazda owners don’t need to return to their dealer for services, then can easily book into their local Mazda car service centre for all of their services, even those under warranty. All you need to do is to have your services performed by a qualified mechanic who uses high quality parts that are recommended by Mazda service Browns Plains.

Not going to your dealer for your services can save you a lot of time and money, but how do you spot a reliable Mazda car service centre?

4 Tips on finding a reliable and local Mazda car service centre

1. Check with your friends: Anyone who owns a Mazda will know of the best Mazda mechanics in the area and will be happy to recommend them to you. It is also worthwhile asking around your family, work colleagues and neighbours, as recommendation from people you trust can help you to make your final decision.

2. Look at their websites: If you have the names of a few car service centres already, then check out their websites. Any good mechanic will have a professional website online, so it pays to scout these out. You can also do a search online for a Mazda car service centre in your suburb and this will reveal other mechanics that you might not have considered.

3. Phone the auto shop: Once you have a short list of car service centres in your local area that specialise in Mazda vehicles, it is a good idea to call them on the phone. This will give you a first impression of the way they treat their customers and you can usually judge their professionalism over the phone as well.

4. Visit their centre: One of the best ways to make your final decision is to visit the auto shop so you can meet the mechanics and inspect their centre first hand. You want to see a nice, tidy and clean work area with mechanics who are happy to chat to you, even though they might be busy. This indicates that they are professionals and that they care about their customers.

If you want a professional and highly qualified mechanic to perform your Mazda service Browns Plains, then you can’t go wrong calling Steve Sorensen Mechanical on 3809 2711.

Diagnostic work on a surging Great Wall

A small but noticeable surge could be felt while cruising or while applying throttle at a standstill. Idle and wide open throttle were OK.

No fault codes. With the scan tool connected while driving, I could feel a small surge and could see the fuel pressure dropping on average 500psi to 1000psi while steadily cruising on each surge pulse.

Initially this felt and looked very similar to common suction control valve faults. This time, however, graphing the accelerator position sensor 1 and sensor 2 showed sensor 2 graphing logically and steadily but sensor 1 quite erratic and jerky. This correlated with the drop in fuel pressure commanded and hence the surging.

The accelerator pedal position sensor 1 was faulty and causing an erratic signal, mostly only around the cruise pedal position (5 to 15 per cent). This made me think that instead of a hall effect sensor they might be using old style potentiometers and the commonly used area is getting bad contact.

The accelerator pedal assembly was replaced with inbuilt sensors. It was noted that these assemblies are currently on back order, indicating a common problem. Diagnostic time was one hour and fixing another hour.

See the full article here – http://www.tat.net.au/tatarticles/Issue52_aug2016_p11.pdf


5 Signs You Need a Car Transmission Service or Repair

There is no question that a good car transmission service is worth its weight in gold, because if you ignore your transmission then you can be up for thousands of dollars in repairs. It is fair to say that replacing your transmission is one of the most expensive repairs you can do and sometimes, it is less costly to just call it a day and buy another car.  

Booking in for a regular car transmission service however, can seriously extend the life of your car, by locating and fixing any small problems that may arise, before they become out of hand.  

To help you keep on top of any potential problems with your transmission, here are five signs that indicate you need to book in for a car transmission service as soon as possible.

1.Noises: If your car is in neutral and it is making grinding, ticking or whining noises then this can indicate big problems with your transmission. Any noises from your gear box in neutral need to be checked immediately.

2.Gears slipping: If your car isn’t changing gear smoothly and instantly then you might see high RPMs above 3500 as the engine struggles to respond or you might just feel that the engine is slow to accelerate when you depress the pedal.

3.Gears don’t engage: If you struggle to get your car into gear then you could have a transmission leak or a worn clutch (in manual cars). This will only become worse very quickly, so you need to book in straight away for a car transmission service and possible repair.

4.Engine light: If you see a red engine light on your dashboard this can mean a host of different problems, one of which could be your transmission fluid leaking. Always have your car professionally checked if you see the engine light lit on your dashboard.

5.Shaking when changing gear: If you start to feel the car shaking or jerking when you change gear, this can indicate that your transmission fluid is low or you have bigger problems.

It is always better to be safe than sorry, so if you have any of the above problems with your transmission, call Steve Sorensen on 3809 2711 and book in for a car transmission service straight away.

5 Reasons Why a Professional Car Repair Service is Better Than DIY

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical, we see lots of people who try to avoid paying a car repair service by attempting their own repairs. In the current financial climate this is totally understandable, because every dollar counts.

The problem is that there are areas where we can make savings in our lives and there are areas where we really need to bring in the experts. Repairing your car is one of those times when you can end up spending more than you expected, if you really don’t have the ability to do a professional job yourself.

If you are weighing up the pros and cons of a DIY repair job or paying for a car repair service, then here are five reasons why it pays to go with the experts.

1.Safety: If repairs are not made correctly, you can endanger yourself, your family and everyone else on the road. You might be able to change the oil on your car safely, but can you replace the brake pads or rotors yourself without asking for help?

2.Skills: When you book in for a car repair service at Steve Sorensen Mechanical, you will see that we have the skills and the experience to fix just about everything that can go wrong in your car and this knowledge is at our fingertips. We are also very good at diagnosing tricky or illusive problems that outfox other mechanics.

3.Tools: You don’t have to spend extra money on tools, because whatever tools and equipment we need to repair or perform a diagnostic check on your car we already have in our auto shop.

4.Time: Instead of taking days or weeks to complete a repair job at home, with our car repair service we can have you on the road again in double quick time.

5.Prevention: If we see any other problems that are likely to cost you money if left too long or may compromise the safety of your car, we let you know so you can sort the problem out sooner rather than later.

Instead of trying to do your own repairs, call Steve Sorensen on 3809 2711 and book in for a first class car repair service, saving yourself a lot of time, money and angst.

How Much Does a Ford Service in Brown Plains Cost?

The cost of a Ford service in Browns Plains depends on the type of vehicle and where you have the service performed. Many vehicle owners still believe that they need to return to their dealer for all of their Ford services in Browns Plains, however this is only true if you have an extended warranty and you are in that warranty period.

For new Ford vehicles, you can easily go to your local mechanic for all of your services during your new car warranty period, so long as the mechanic is qualified and that high quality replacement parts are used. If you are concerned about the costs of your Ford service in Browns Plains, then it is generally much cheaper to book into a local mechanic than a dealership, because one of the ways dealerships make their money is with their services.

There are other ways you can keep your service costs down as well, and here are a number of them to keep in mind:

Ask for a written quote: Always ask for a written quote when you are having any work done, even just for a service. The last thing you want is to have an unexpected bill, which you can’t afford to pay.

Make them ask you before performing repairs: Before your service, you can either tell them to call you if any repairs need to be performed and give you a written quote for these repairs or give them a dollar limit, before they need to call you.

Have regular services: Too many people just forget about maintaining their vehicles on a regular basis, leading to costly repair bills. You can’t really blame the mechanic for finding so much wrong with your vehicle during your Ford service in Browns Plains, when regular services would have picked up these problems much earlier.

Ask around: Ask your friends, relatives and co-workers where they go for a good Ford service in Browns Plains and then check them out yourself. This is one of the best ways to find a good mechanic in your local area, because you can trust the opinions of people you respect and like.

When you are looking for an affordable Ford service in Browns Plains, call us at Steve Sorensen Mechanical and you look forward to a well maintained car and lower repair bills as well.

5 Warning Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repairs

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical, we see lots of car owners who bring their vehicles in for brake repairs. The problem is that they have usually left it too late and we not only need to replace their brake pads (or re-machine them if we can), but their rotors need replacing as well.

There are a few easy ways for you to detect warning signs that your brakes need attention, before you get to the stage of costly brake repairs. After all, it doesn’t cost much to have your brake pads replaced, the situation becomes worse however, if you need to replace the rotors as well.

To help you out and make sure that you avoid extensive brake repairs and catch your brakes at the point where all you need to do is replace or re-machine your brake pads, keep an eye open for the following 5 signs.

1. Brake light on the dashboard: If you see that the brake light has turned red on your dashboard and doesn’t go away, book in straight away for an inspection and hopefully you can limit the costs of your brake repairs.

2. Clicking or screeching noises: When you depress the brake pedal and you hear clicking noises, this means your brakes need to be checked. A screeching noise means you really need your brakes checked and your brake repairs bill is increasing the longer you ignore these sounds.

3. Grinding noises: At this point, you need to open your cheque book, because the rotors most probably need replacing as well and your brake repairs bill has just shot through the roof.

4. Pulling to the side: If your car pulls to the right or left when you press the brake pedal, you might need new brake pads, because they are wearing thin on one side or the other.

5. Vibrations: Another sign that your brake pads are wearing too thin are vibrations through the pedal when it is depressed.

Brake repairs don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, but only if you pay attention to the warning signs and make the right repairs at the right time. Call us on 3809 2711 and book in for your brake repairs today.

Logbook servicing, vehicle repairs and maintenance

Cars have advanced to a point where they can adapt to mask several driveability issues, so a small problem may go unnoticed until it gets worse and can ultimately effect other systems. The best way to avoid large repairs and the need for Car Diagnostics when something goes wrong is to stick to a routine schedule of Logbook Servicing. Performing these Vehicle Maintenance Services, following the Manufacters Logbook Car Service recommendations, means you give your car the best chance to avoid any serious Auto Repairs.

If you do start to notice something playing up, or maybe a warning light on the dash, it is important to come to a Professional Auto Diagnostic Workshop like Steve Sorensen Mechanical. Our expert use of manufacturer software based Scan Tools and oscilloscopes, coupled with years of experience means that we can diagnose your problem fast and correctly, avoiding the replacement of any unnecessary parts that might be common practice at shop who doesn’t value taking the time to diagnose a problem correctly. We are experts in Logbook Car Service, Petrol Fuel Injection Diagnostics, Petrol Direct Injection Diagnostics, Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel Diagnostics, Check Engine Light Diagnostics, SRS Airbag System Diagnostics, ABS Diagnostics and Auto Electrical Diagnostics.

What is a Logbook Car Service?

When you purchase a new car or one that is still within the warranty period, you need to book in for a logbook car service on time, every time. This is because you will violate your new car warranty, if you don’t have the services performed as outlined in your car’s log book.

The timing and content of these services will have been designated by the car manufacturer and are meant to keep your car running smoothly and pick up any problems that might need repairing under the warranty. Every logbook car service must be performed by a licenced mechanic, but this doesn’t have to be at the dealer, you can easily go to your local, trusted auto shop for your car’s logbook services.

It pays to remember that if you have also purchased an extended warranty with your new car, you might have to go to your dealer for these services. Whilst you can have all of the logbook car services performed by your local auto shop, when the manufacturer’s warranty ends and the new extended warranty begins, your dealer will most probably add the condition that all services during the dealer warranty period must be performed by their mechanics.

Make sure to check on this before you decide on purchasing a dealer extended warranty or you could be up for more costly services and a longer trip to the mechanic that you anticipated.

What is involved in a logbook car service?

Some of the services will be minor services and some will be major services. The first service after you have just purchased your new car will usually take place at 1000km and will include a few safety checks, specific to each vehicle, just to make sure that everything is fine, since you have been driving the vehicle around for a while.

The requirements for each service are outlined in your logbook and the qualified mechanic will perform each service as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Any parts that need to be replaced will also be either genuine parts or their equivalent, so you don’t need to worry about voiding your warranty with poor quality parts.

For professional logbook car services by experienced and professional mechanics, call Steve Sorensen Mechanical at Browns Plains on 3809 2711.

Benefits of Hiring a Mechanic Against Doing it Yourself

Car owners come in two different categories, those that try and perform all of their own services and repairs themselves and those that look for the nearest Logan auto repair shop. The first group of car owners might be able to do most of their own services and repairs, but more often than not there comes a time when you need to call in the experts anyway.

The second group of people, either recognise that they don’t have the skills to do these jobs themselves or simply don’t have the time to fit them into their busy lives. This is where a Logan auto repair shop comes in, because you don’t have to worry about keeping your car in good order yourself, you can just enjoy your car and know that someone else is on the job for you.

If you are on the fence about booking your car in at your Logan auto repair shop, here are two serious reasons why you might be better off picking up the phone.  

New car warranties: If you have a new car, then you need all of your services and repairs to be performed by a licensed mechanic or you will void your warranty. You can use your local Logan auto repair shop for this work and not bother returning to the dealer, that’s fine, but you must have all of the warranty services performed and signed off by a proper mechanic.

Voiding your insurance: There are lots of reasons why your car insurance might decide to not pay out on a claim. Some of these reasons can include the fact that the wrong parts were used on your car and if you fitted them yourself and didn’t go to your Logan auto repair shop, then the insurance company can refuse to pay, saying that the wrong parts contributed to the accident. This may never happen, but it is always better to be safe than sorry where your car is concerned.

We all know that lots of people do their own services and repairs, but we don’t often think of the consequences if something goes wrong. So when you need a service or there is a problem with your car, consider the benefits of booking into your local Logan auto repair shop and make the right choice for your family.

4 Tips To Prevent Being Taken for a Ride By an Automobile Mechanic

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical, we know that many of our customers have previously been overcharged or have paid for repairs by unscrupulous automobile mechanics that were later found to be unnecessary. These situations are unfortunate and give all mechanics a bad name, so it is essential that you find yourself an honest and reliable automobile mechanic as soon as possible.

To this end, here are 4 tips to help you find a good automobile mechanic in your area.

1. Ask around for recommendations: When someone you trust recommends an Auto Mechanic Service, you are usually safe. So ask around your network of friends, work colleagues and relatives and try to find a reliable mechanic using this strategy first, then check their websites online. Make sure that their website looks professional with lots of pertinent information, as this shows that the mechanic cares about his customers.

2. Ask about their warranty: Before you book your car in for a service or repairs, make sure to ask about the warranty they offer for their work and parts. Normally these warranties last for one year, but if the mechanic is vague about their warranties or only provides a very short warranty, you have a clear signal to look elsewhere.

3. Ask to see any replaced parts: One easy way for automobile mechanics to make money is to say that a part needs replacing, charge for the part and labour, and then not replace the part. To avoid this happening to you, ask to actually view the part that needs to be replaced on the car (if this is possible), even take a photo of it with your phone and then ask to see the part when it has been replaced. If you can recognise the part that was originally on your car, then you know that it has been replaced (and is not a part from another car).

4. Keep your receipts: Always keep all of your service and repair receipts safe. These are vital in case you need to return to the Auto Mechanic Service and query a bill or a repair and are also a good history when you decide to sell the car.

If you are searching for a reliable, honest and experienced Auto Mechanic Service in the Logan area, check out Steve Sorensen Mechanical for a great deal.

We Reduce Auto Electrical Repair Costs by Using the Latest Diagnostic Tools

Auto electrical repair costs can be quite expensive and one of the reasons for this is the length of time it can take to actually diagnose the fault, particularly if it is a tricky problem.   

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical, we have many years in the trade and have built a solid reputation for being able to diagnose electrical problems that other mechanics have failed to locate. Even so, we know that an auto electrical repair bill can be costly for our customers, so one of the ways we reduce your costs is to access the high tech, computer on-board diagnostics (OBD) system.

Most modern vehicles have an OBD, but it still takes a lot of skill to understand this system and to actually diagnose the problem, before your mechanic can move on to finding a solution. The main purpose of an OBD is to monitor your vehicle’s emissions and to record information that helps in diagnosing any problems that might require an auto electrical repair.

3 Ways Your OBD Can Help Reduce Your Auto Service Repair Bill

1. Early detection of problems: If there is a problem in your vehicle’s electrical circuits, the OBD will pick this up very quickly. This means that you won’t be driving around unaware of a problem that can end up causing serious damage and costing you a lot of money if ignored.  

2. Data on the cause of the fault: When a fault is detected, the mechanic can access data that reveals the conditions in your vehicle that led up to the fault occurring. This means that the fault can be found quicker in a car with an OBD, reducing your overall auto electrical repair costs.

3. Real time sensor readings: Your mechanic can access real time readings, such as torque, speed and RPM helping to optimise your vehicle’s efficiency and saving you money on fuel, as well as increasing the performance of your vehicle.

With a comprehensive scan of your vehicle’s electrical systems, your auto electrical repair bills will be kept to a minimum, leaving you more money to enjoy driving, rather than fixing your car.

Is a Mazda Car Service More Expensive Than a Toyota Car Service?

The cost of a service, whether that is a Mazda car service or any other make, simply depends on the type of the service and the cost of the parts that need to be replaced. The fact that you need a Mazda car service doesn’t necessarily mean that is any more expensive than a Toyota service for example, not unless the parts are more costly.

Service costs depend mainly on the price of parts

It is fair to say that when you decide to purchase a car that you should take into consideration the cost of parts, not just the parts used in a service, but the cost of the parts you might need replaced over time as well. As you most probably are already aware, European car parts cost more than locally made car parts, so you are always going to pay more for parts if you purchase a European car.

Also, the parts for some makes of cars do cost more than others, simply because the car costs more to buy in the first place and the parts are high precision or high performance parts. So for example, if you compare the cost of a Mazda car service to a top of the line Range Rover or a Porsche, you can expect to pay more for your service for the luxury vehicles.

The more parts that need to be replaced during the service, the greater the price differential. So an equivalent 10,000 km Mazda car service will generally cost less than the same service on a Porsche. When you move into the realm of repairs, of course your costs will sky rocket, depending on the cost of the parts that are required for luxury cars.

If you are concerned about the difference in price between a Mazda car service and a Toyota, then there is not much in it and you should decide on your purchase based on your needs, rather than any disparities in service costs.

An additional factor you need to consider when you are thinking about costs is that different dealerships and auto shops will charge different fees. So it always pays to shop around and find the best price for your Mazda car service, not forgetting that the experience and reputation of the mechanic should be considered as well in these costs.

Do I need to go to my car dealership for my logbook car service?

When you buy a new car or one that is still within its warranty period, you need to make sure that you keep up to date with all of the logbook car services. This is because if you miss a logbook car service and anything goes wrong with your car requiring you to make a claim against the dealership, they may well refuse to fix your car, because you missed one of the services.

This means that you need to decide whether or not to take your car back to the dealership for a logbook car service or find an auto shop closer to home, who also might be cheaper. Some people think that they have to return to the dealership for all of their services when the car is still under warranty. This is not true, as by law you can take your car to any auto shop for your logbook car service, so long as they adhere to two important provisions.

The mechanic must be qualified to do the logbook car service

When you book your car in for a logbook service, the person who works on your car must be a qualified mechanic or an apprentice, who is supervised by a qualified mechanic. This is to prevent someone servicing your car who doesn’t know what they are doing or even if they do know how to service your car, they could make a mistake or miss something important.

The mechanic must use equivalent parts

You also need to make sure that the qualified mechanic uses equivalent parts, if any need to be replaced on the car during the logbook car service. This is because the manufacturer and dealership have issued a warranty, based on the fact that parts of a specific quality are used in the car. If low quality parts are used, then problems can arise that might cause you to make a claim, which will be refused because the problem was due to the low quality parts.

It always pays to keep up with your logbook car services, but it also pays to check out your local auto shop, because they are local and they might well be cheaper than the dealership.

Why Does The Engine Oil Need to be Replaced in Your Car?

It will come as no surprise to your automobile mechanic, that most of us don’t give any more thought to our engine oil, than the mandatory dip stick checks and top ups we do every now and again. When we book into our local auto service centre we just accept that our engine oil and filter will be replaced and unless we see the tell-tale signs of leaking oil on our driveways, that is the end of our thoughts on engine oils and filters.

However, when you think about it – why do we really need our engine oil changed and how often should we do this? So here are 3 reasons why you should regularly book your vehicle in with your local automobile mechanic for a service that includes changing your engine oil and filters.

1. Reduced viscosity over time: Oil is a lubricant, which protects the internal workings of your engine from wearing against each other. Over time, oil loses this viscosity, particularly in the high temperatures of combustion engines and if not replaced with new oil, your engine will eventually cease up and stop working.

2. Additives become depleted: Engine oil contains additives that increase the efficiency of your engine, which if not replaced lose their effectiveness and your engine’s performance decreases.

3.Saturated with contaminants: Many of the by-products of combustion will end up suspended in the engine’s oil, which is one reason why your nice new clear oil turns black over time. As the oil becomes saturated with these contaminants, its efficiency reduces and the performance of your vehicle suffers.

If you don’t book into your local auto service centre regularly and you don’t change your oil for years, eventually your engine will start to cost you more and more in fuel and repairs. Engines run well on clean oil and poorly on dirty, old contaminated oil.

So it simply makes sense to have regular services by your automobile mechanic and keep your car in tip top shape. The regularity of these services is different, depending on the make and age of your vehicle, so always check in with your local auto service centre and set up a realistic schedule for your services.

Do Spark Plugs Need to be Replaced Every Time I Book Into an Auto Mechanic Shop?

Whether or not your spark plugs are checked and replaced by the mechanic, depends on the auto mechanical services you require and the reason for booking your car into the auto mechanic shop. So when you book your vehicle into an auto mechanic shop, if you have noticed a drop in performance, it is worthwhile having them checked.

This is because your spark plugs actually help to start your engine and without this spark your engine won’t start. So one of the reasons why your car might not start in the morning, could be that the spark plugs need to be replaced.  

So next time you book your vehicle in for any auto mechanical services, ask them how often your spark plugs should be checked, as this depends on your car and its age, and the distances you drive, as well as the type of spark plugs that are fitted in your vehicle.

Higher quality spark plugs will take more of a beating and last a lot longer than a cheaper quality spark plug. All spark plugs will eventually wear out and need to be replaced, but the stronger and more durable the spark plugs, the longer they will last. So when you have your spark plugs replaced at the auto mechanic shop, always ask for a higher quality product, as it will pay off in the end.


So next time you book into your local auto mechanic shop, here are 2 important benefits of asking them to replace your spark plugs:

Increased performance: The spark plugs initiate the combustion process in your car, because they ignite the air and fuel mixture within the cylinders, but this is a continual process. So if your spark plugs are not firing properly, your overall performance will be down and you might even see a lot of misfiring as you accelerate.

Increased fuel economy: Spark plugs that misfire all the time reduce the efficiency of your engine and cause your car to use more fuel. You can actually reduce your fuel efficiency by up to 30% if you don’t replace your old spark plugs.

Keeping up to date with your auto mechanical services is important, but if your car is having problems with cold starts or is misfiring, make sure you have your spark plugs inspected.

Where Can I Find a Top Browns Plains Auto Shop?

Without a doubt, the best Browns Plains auto shop is Steve Sorensen Mechanical. The owner, Steve Sorensen, has more than 30 years’ experience as an A grade mechanic and has run his own business for more than 20 years.

As a mechanic in Browns Plains, Steve is extremely proud of his work and of the workmanship of his employees. Their customer service is first class and their awesome reputation is supported by the many testimonials on their website.  

Any mechanic who is too afraid to include honest testimonials on their website is someone you should stay away from, so making a point of looking for these testimonials and reading them is a very effective way to find an honest and trustworthy auto shop.

What services does Steve Sorensen Mechanical offer?

If you are looking for a car service in Browns Plains, then you can do no better than to head directly to Steve Sorensen Mechanical. They offer minor and major services, as well as transmission services and logbook services and they only use the best parts – either genuine parts or those that are considered to be equivalent.

At their Browns Plains auto shop, the guys at Steve Sorensen Mechanical are also very experienced in repairs to just about every make of car on the market. So if you drive a Toyota, Ford, Nissan or any other type car, don’t hesitate to drop into their Browns Plains car service centre and have a chat to them about your vehicle.  

They are experienced in repairing brakes, clutches, radiators, steering and suspensions and have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment available in their Browns Plains auto shop.  

These guys also perform road safety inspections and issue road safety certificates, which are needed if you are selling or registering a car. Don’t forget the pre-purchase inspections, which are vital if you are ready to buy a second hand car, potentially saving you from buying a lemon and costing you a lot of money!

So if you are in the market for a Browns Plains mechanic, one who is experienced, honest and reliable – you can do no better than calling Steve Sorensen Mechanical and booking your car in today.

3 Things to Look for in an Automobile Mechanic

If you have booked your car into a new automotive repair centre, one you haven’t been to before, you might be a little apprehensive. Most probably not sure how reliable and honest they are and you don’t want to be overcharged or talked into repairs that you don’t need.

For example, whilst it is important to have a regular automatic transmission service on your car, if the automobile mechanic suddenly tries to tell you that you need a new transmission, which can cost thousands of dollars – can you believe them?

Well there is no truth-sense you can use to determine if a mechanic is being honest or not, but you can use your in-built common sense to help you find a reliable automobile mechanic.

To this end, here are 3 tips that will help you find an experienced and honest mechanic.

A clean automotive repair centre

One of the easiest ways to check out an auto service centre is to visit their workshop. So don’t just ring up and book your car in with them, go to the workshop instead. This gives you the opportunity to look around and determine whether they keep their office and workshop clean and tidy. Of course, a mechanic’s workshop won’t be pristine, but if it looks like a movie set from Armageddon, then that is a red flag for a shop that doesn’t really care very much about their work.


Clear, thoughtful advice

If you have a tricky problem with your car, an honest mechanic will have a clear discussion with you about your options and the likely costs. They won’t use scare tactics to talk you into paying for expensive repairs, particularly if they cost more than the value of your car! So when you visit the automotive repair centre have a chat with the mechanic and decide whether you are happy with their advice.

Warranties on workmanship

Any auto shop should give you a written warranty on their workmanship, so if your mechanic doesn’t do that – then go elsewhere. You don’t need to waste your money on dodgy repairs.  

So if your car needs an automatic transmission service or any other type of repairs, call Steve Sorensen Mechanical – the most honest and reliable auto shop in Browns Plains.

What’s Involved in Major Car Services?

At Steve Sorensen Mechanical, we perform major car services for all types of vehicles, so if you are looking for a major car service in Logan QLD, then give us a call for a high quality service at very reasonable prices.

Most of us realise that when you own a car, you need to have it serviced at some time or another, but not many of us know what is actually involved in servicing your car, particularly when it is a major service. So let’s take a look at what is included in one of our major car services. 

Times have certainly changed in the automotive service industry. To an extent, the old typical lingo of minor and major service are a thing of the past. A major service used to be performed much more often, back when ignition systems used fast wearing ignition points and nickel spark plugs that required regular replacement. Modern cars use as few moving, wearing parts as possible, so ignition points are replaced by magnetic sensors and even the humble spark plug is often coated with platinum or iridium on its tip and lasts regularly for up to 100,000 to 150,000km. So a more proper way of looking at servicing is to follow the manufacturers logbook, which delegates specific different parts to be replaced at different intervals, but for the sake of old times, most people refer to a major service as where ignition components are replaced, most often the iridium or platinum spark plugs.

At our auto service repair shop a major car service in Logan Qld includes:

  • Changing the engine oil and replacing it with new clean oil that is appropriate for your vehicle.
  • Replacing the engine oil filter
  • Fitting your car with new spark plugs
  • We conduct a computer global diagnostic scan and check the tune (or in the industry referred to as fuel trim) of your car and advise as necessary.
  • Inspect the brakes, and clean and adjust them.
  • Check, top up or advise on replacement of all vehicle fluids, including the automatic or manual transmission, diff oils,tranfer case oil, power steering fluid, coolant and brake fluid
  • Perform a full safety check of the vehicle, all the way from bulbs to suspension components, several tell tale signs that only a seasoned mechanic can recognise means we can advise on items that need attention or replacement before they become a major problem.
  • Electronically test your battery, starter and charging system
  • Clean the engines throttle body, a common reason for rough idle complaints.


The last thing you want is to be faced with costly repair bills in the future, because you ignored the warning signs or simply didn’t have your car serviced – which may have picked up any potential problems. So call us at Steve Sorensen Mechanical and book your car in for one of our major car services before it is too late.

Why is a Logbook Car Service Important?

If your car is under warranty, then you need to maintain your logbook servicing and keep a record of these in your logbook. There are a number of very good reasons why a logbook car service is necessary for new cars and all of them relate to saving you some serious money during the time you own the vehicle.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways logbook servicing can put more money in your pocket.

You want to make a claim against the warranty

If something happens, whether it is your fault or not and you want to claim the repairs under your warranty, then if you cannot prove that you have had the appropriate services, then the dealer can refuse to pay for the repairs and void your warranty.  During the couple years of new car ownership, the most important aspect of vehicle servicing is replacing the engines oil and filter, particularly because a new engine will experience its most prominent wear in its early life, due to microscopic machining ‘burrs’ being worn away as the engine goes about its job, rotating at several thousand times per minute. Maintaining your servicing schedule, which can legally be done at a competant independant mechanic such as Steve Sorensen Mechanical, ensures you will not fall victim to the most common dealership knockback for items such as engine oil leaks, which happen far more often in new engines than you would think, simply because you had not taken the car for its regularly servicing to maintain warranty.

Contrary to what some believe, I strongly recommend taking your car to a local independent mechanic for servicing during the warranty period, which when carried out in a professional manner as we do, will maintain your new car warranty. The reasoning for this is , on countless occassions I have had customers have the first couple of services at the dealership, coming to us for their next service, whilst still under warranty, only for us to find several problems which have obviously been there when the dealer saw it, but the dealer didn’t mention so they did not have to fix it under warranty. These problems are fixed under warranty, so offer us no financial gain, but we truly have the best interest of the car owner in mind, since under warranty the problem is not the car owners , or ours, it is the dealers responsibility to uphold their warranty

So you not only need your logbook servicing performed at the intervals outlined in your logbook, but they must also be performed by a qualified mechanic. On top of this, any parts that are replaced during the service need to be either genuine parts or of an equal quality.  

Why else, even out of warranty, is car servicing key to the reliability of the car and will save you money in the long run? 

You want to achieve the best price when you re-sell your car

When you sell your vehicle, you will get the best price if your car has been well maintained. The best way to prove this to a potential buyer is to show them your logbook.

This is because every time you have a logbook car service, your logbook is completed and stamped by the mechanic and this proves to the buyer that you have maintained your car.   

You want to cut down repair costs on your car

As with all vehicles, whether they are under warranty or not – regular services will extend the life of your car and cut down on repairs in the future. Out of the hundred of repair scenarios on a car I assure you that maintenance, is much cheaper than repair if a component eventually fails, often so in a catastrophic way on technologically sophisticated modern cars. So logbook servicing keeps your car in tiptop shape, because it actually forces you to have your car serviced by a qualified mechanic at specific intervals.

So if you make sure that you have each and every logbook car service performed on time, you will save yourself some serious money in the future.